What does OGTT medical abbreviation mean?

What does the medical abbreviation OGTT mean?

The abbreviation OGTT may have a few different meanings. Here is the meaning of OGTT mean in medical terms.

What does OGTT medical abbreviation mean?

In science & medicine, the medical term OGTT means oral glucose tolerance test.

OGTT: oral glucose tolerance test

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BUSBartholin’s, Urethral, and Skene’s glands
CCCCentral Corneal Clouding
CDHFchronic diastolic heart failure
CRRTcontinuous renal replacement therapy
D5WDextrose 5% in Water
DAWdispense as written
DOEDyspnea on exertion. Shortness of breath with activity.
DOHdepartment of health
DOTDirectly Observed Therapy
DOUDirect Observation Unit
DPHDepartment of Public Health; Doctor of Public Health
ENAextractable nuclear antigen
FeLVfeline leukemia virus
GABAgamma-aminobutyric acid
GHRFgrowth hormone-releasing factor
HGVhepatitis g virus
ICUIntensive care unit. The patient was moved to the intensive care unit.
L/Min L/mliters per minute
LARLow Anterior Resection
LATleft anterolateral thigh
LSKliver, spleen, kidneys
MEAmultiple endocrine adenomatosis
MEOmost efficient organization
MSDSmaterial safety data sheet
MSGmonosodium glutamate
MVRMitral Valve Replacement
NWBnon weight bearing
PASpara amino-salicylic acid; para-aminosalicylic acid; periodic acid-schiff (stain)
RIErecorded in error
RTVritonavir (antiviral drug)
SGSwan-Ganz catheter; specific gravity; skin graft; suicide gesture
SIBself-injurious behavior
SIVPslow intravenous push
SLRStraight Leg Raise
SNHLsensorineural hearing loss
STEMIST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
TIMIthrombolysis in myocardial infarction
TOFTetralogy of Fallot
TORBtelephone order read back
UAUrine Analysis; also Uric Acid
V tachventricular tachycardia
V/Svital signs
VSDVentricular Septal Defect
WKSWernicke Korsakoff syndrome
semih.half an hour

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