What does Hct medical abbreviation stand for?

What does the medical term Hct mean?

Sometime, there may be more than one meaning of Hct abbreviation. However, what is the medical term Hct?

What is the meaning of Hct medical abbreviation?

In the medical field, the medical abbreviation Hct stands for hematocrit.

Hct: hematocrit

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BRAOBranch Retinal Artery Occlusion
BSFbasal skull fracture
BUEboth upper extremities
CLLChronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
CRIFclosed reduction-internal fixation
CRPC Reactive Protein
CaCancer; carcinoma. For example, a patient who undergoing treatment for cancer should assure that they are eating and drinking enough fluids daily, both during and after treatment.
DECADevereux Early Childhood Assessment
ESIGelectronic signature
FCUflexor carpi ulnaris
GCSGlascow Coma Scale
GEA/GETAgeneral endotracheal anesthesia
H&Ehematoxylin and eosin
HAIR-ANhyperandrogenism (HA), insulin resistance (IR) and acanthosis nigricans (AN)
HDUhigh dependency unit; Hemodialysis Unit
HEPhome exercise program
HIV-PEPHIV postexposure prophylaxis
HTLV-IIIhuman t lymphotropic virus type iii
HoHolmium (element)
IVHAintravenous hyperalimentation
IgMimmunoglobulin M
KBketone bodies; knee brace
KPIkey performance indicator
LIQlower inner quadrant
LPNLicensed Practical Nurse
NIOSHNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NaSodium. An essential electrolyte frequently monitored regularly in intensive care.
OTCOver The Counter
PE tubespolyethylene tubes
PHSPublic Health Service
PtPlatinum (element)
QIOquality improvement organization
ROSReview Of Systems
RhoGAMrh immune globulin
SCAsudden cardiac arrest; subclavian artery; sickle cell anemia
SQVsaquinavir (antiviral drug)
SRTspeech reception threshold on audiometry
STHsomatotrophic hormone (somatotropin)
TRTricuspid Regurgitation
VP Shuntventricular peritoneal shunt
cRNAchromosomal RNA
mgAantibody (allergy testing)
non repdo not repeat
prevprevious; preventive; prevention
tbctubercle bacillus

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