What is the meaning of BVAS medical abbreviation?

What does medical abbreviation BVAS mean?

The abbreviation BVAS may have a few different meanings. However, what does the medical term BVAS stand for?

What does BVAS medical abbreviation mean?

In science & medicine, it is Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score the medical abbreviation BVAS stands for.

BVAS: Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score

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AATPAnesthesia Assistant Training Program
ANDAxillary Node Dissection
APCUAcute Palliative Care Unit
BFPbiological false-positive; of a pregnancy test big fat positive
BORLBiomedical Optics Research Laboratory
CDIClean Dry Intact
CHDcongenital heart disease; coronary heart disease
CHORCenter for Health Outcomes Research
COREcoordinated outbreak response and evaluation
CRAUCertified Responsible Antibiotic Use
CTPAcomputed tomography pulmonary angiogram
CTRcarpal tunnel release
DAPEdata, assessment, plan, evaluation
DFSIDiabetic Foot Society of India
DIMMDiploma in Mountain Medicine
DUIdriving under the influence
DVRdivision of vocational rehabilitation
EAepidural anesthesia; environmental assistance
ECMOExtra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation
EDVepidermodysplasia verruciformis
ESBLextended-spectrum beta laminase
F-V loopflow volume loop
FACRFellow of the American College of Radiology
FROMfull range of motion
GONGreater occipital nerve
GRASEgenerally recognized as safe and effective
GUMgenitourinary medicine
HFCShigh-fructose corn syrup
HOSAhealth occupations students of
IBS-MMixed Irritable bowel syndrome
IEDimprovised explosive device
IETOInjury epidemiology transport occupation
IOVinitial office visit
IPPBintermittent positive pressure breathing
IPSidiopathic pneumonia syndrome
IVCInferior Vena Cava
IVCDintra ventricular conduction delay
LPTlicensed physical therapist
MAFOmolded ankle foot orthosis
MAPCAsMajor Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries
MLHSMedical Lake High School
MRSAMethicillin Resistant Staph Aureus
MSHmelanocyte-stimulating hormone
NDAnon-disclosure agreement; next doctors appointment; new drug application
NDMSNational Disaster Medical Service
NFnational formulary; neurofibromatosis
OMOtitis Media
PMCpremotor cortex
PNSPeripheral Nervous System
PR3proteinase 3
PTRplatelet transfusion reaction
QCTquantitative computed tomography
Qbblood flow
RCFright cubital fossa
RNFARegistered Nurse First Assistant (surgery)
ROFAright outer forearm
RPASRecombinant Phage Antibody System
RSBIRapid Shallow Breathing Index
S/Asugar and acetone
SDTspeech discrimination threshold (audiometry)
SHARPSwelling Heat Ache Redness Puss
SIBself-injurious behavior
SJSStevens-Johnson syndrome
SRSslow-reacting substance
SSVsmall saphenous vein (also short saphenous vein)
SUDsingle-use device; substance use disorder; sudden unexpected death
SVstroke volume; supraventricular
TDTCToronto Drug Treatment Court
TEMtransmission electron microscope
TIBCTotal Iron Binding Capacity
TLStumor lysis syndrome
TMTtreadmill test
TVTtension-free vaginal tape
TcPCO2transcutaneous carbon dioxide
WTFHWomen Together For Health
chemchemical, chemistry
g=ggrips equal and good
obstobstruct, obstruction
toxtoxic, toxicity; toxicology
vWDvon Willebrand disease

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