Best MCAT Prep Books 2023 – Which MCAT Prep Books Are The Best?

If you aspire to medical school, no doubt, getting a good MCAT score is the first challenge for most MCAT participants that need to overcome. In the past, I had taken two times of MCAT tests and got a good MCAT score of 523. Here, I’m will share the valuable experiences and high quality of MCAT study materials with you.

In this post, I want to recommend the 6 Best MCAT prep books to help you get a good MCAT score. I really hope you can get a score that you feel great.

Best MCAT Prep Books 2021 - Which MCAT Prep Books Are The Best?

Without further ado, check the best MCAT prep guide books 2021 as the following.

Best MCAT Prep BooksImageRatingPrices
MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022,,, MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-20224.8/5
The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set,,, The-Princeton-Review-MCAT-Subject-Review4.7/5
Examkrackers MCAT Study Package ( Study Guide Edition),,, Examkrackers-Mcat-Study-Package-Study-Guide-Edition4.5/5
Sterling Test Prep MCAT Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry Practice Questions,,, Sterling-Test-Prep-MCAT-Organic-Chemistry-Biochemistry-Practice-Questions4.6/5
MCAT Self-Study Toolkit 2022-2023: Books + Online + 6 Practice Tests + 3,000-Question Practice Bank (Kaplan Test Prep),,,
MCAT 528 Advanced Prep 2021–2022,,, MCAT 528 Advanced Prep4.7/5
MCAT Prep Books 2020-2021: MCAT Study Guide 2020 & 2021 and Practice Test Questions for the Medical College Admission Test,,, MCAT Prep Books 2020-2021 MCAT Study Guide4.7/5

MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022 (Kaplan Test Prep, Editor’s Choice)

MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022

 Awesome MCAT Study Materials

MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022 is one of the best MCAT prep books. Kaplan Test Prep also was one of the best MCAT prep books 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. When I was preparing for the MCAT test the second time, I bought a set of this Kaplan MCAT prep guide.

Currently, this MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022 MCAT prep guide book also is one of the best sellers on Amazon.

MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022

You might know that Kaplan MCAT is one excellent leader in the MCAT Prep market. This MCAT study guide features the themes of the entire 7-book series prepared directly by Kaplan MCAT experts.

No doubt, this Kaplan MCAT study guide is far better than any others on the market, which will be to help you get into the medical school that you want.

This MCAT study material provides excellent glossaries and indexes to help you quickly find anything they need.

MCAT statistical reasoning has the right “crash course” that further covers everything. It includes not only learning but also testing strategies and exercises.

These MCAT prep books consist of 7 books on specific topics, covering practical issues in the following areas: behavioral science, biochemistry, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and mathematics, critical analysis, and reasoning skills sections.


  • Providing expert study plans and hundreds of MCAT practice tests (online and offline).
  • The most comprehensive and informative learning books are written by top experts.
  • Contains excellent vocabulary and indexes to help students find anything they need.
  • Detailed conceptual topics are presented for self-study.
  • Free access to 3 online MCAT practice tests.
  • Covers almost all 7 topics in MCAT and is especially good in psychology/physiology review.
  • Produced by the most sophisticated test preparation company.
  • Comprehensive topics are written by experts.
  • The content is guaranteed to be consistent with AAMC 
  • The accompanying online resources are constantly updated.
  • With high-quality images, such as 3-D illustrations, charts, graphs, and charts.
  • 3 online MCAT practice tests.
  • For it’s so detailed, it may not be the best choice for those who want to absorb as much information as possible in a short time.
  • No tips on how exams work. 
  • It’s a bit expensive, but it comes with 7 books and 3 online MCAT practice tests.

Bottom Line:

Kaplan MCAT books are one of the best study guides and the highest-rated MCAT prep books.

If you have enough time and dedication, then this is the best MCAT prep book for you. For its detailed informative guide will help you get a good MCAT score.

Frankly, this Kaplan MCAT prep material is one of the best MCAT preparation books on my MCAT prep books list, for it with a great tool for handling a lot of detail.

In a word, it’s an excellent comprehensive guide to study and get a good MCAT score in exams.

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set

A Good Material to come over the MCAT!

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set, 3rd Edition is also one of the best MCAT prep guide books. The Princeton Review MCAT Subject includes 7 complete books and 3 online practice Tests. It also was the best MCAT prep books 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

The Princeton Review 7 MCAT PREP Books is comprehensive and in-depth review guide book that helps you put attractions on these subjects frequently tested in MCAT.

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review

Princeton MCAT Subject Review is best known for providing students with the most relevant information they need for the MCAT test and provides in-depth review guides.

The Princeton Review MCAT study guide contains more than 2,400 real-world practice questions. The Princeton Review offers a wide range of test preparation books for every major standardized test, from all-in-one guides to Flashcards to practice Books on specific topics. The Princeton Review’s job is to provide an accurate amount of content to make the MCAT successful.


  • Covers all the necessary information, practices problems along the way as well as fine illustrations to help solve difficult concepts.
  • 1000 MCAT practice tests at the end of each chapter.
  • In addition to online material access, there are 3 full-length online practice tests.
  • The 3 online practice tests are provided that are very helpful in learning how to take the test and the format of expectations.
  • Bullet points summary and glossary for reference.
  • Each question is carefully selected to provide the best quality inspection and detailed explanation.
  • Effective interactive tools can help you focus on the study material and understand the content in a better way.
  •  In order to make your visual understanding easier, the book uses color illustrations.
  • In-depth discussion of each concept and topic.
  • The quiz at the end of each chapter will help you review what you have learned and reviewed regularly.
  • High-quality visual information display style.
  • It is easily available and provides a way to track progress and identify weaknesses.
  • Practical testing is similar to the actual MCAT.
  • Content reviews are perfectly balanced.
  • 3 online MCAT practice tests are very helpful.
  • 7 complete books that cover all subjects of the MCAT exam.
  • Learn faster by using the Princeton MCAT study materials.
  • No changes since the second edition of Biology and CARs. 
  • There are a few typos and mistakes in the book. 
  • Contains a lot of unnecessary extras. 

Bottom Line:

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set contains 7 complete subject guides and 3 online practice tests that give you everything you need to beat the MCAT at unbeatable prices and prices!

Also, for its awesome graphic material, this MCAT study material is highly recommended.

Overall, the book is well written, easy to understand, and richly illustrated.

No doubt, The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review is absolutely an excellent book.

Examkrackers MCAT Study Package ( Study Guide Edition)

Examkrackers MCAT Study Package ( Study Guide Edition)

Excellent investment for quick content coverage

Examkrackers MCAT Study Package Study Guide Edition, which is especially suitable for time-strapped participants.

The Examkrackers MCAT prep books are recommended by Many MCAT participants.

Examkrackers Mcat Study Package Study Guide Edition

The Examkrackers MCAT Study guide is a complete package with six MCAT exercise books, which include

  • General and Organic Chemistry
  • Psychology and Sociology manual
  • Physics
  • Verbal Research and Math
  • Biology 1: Biochemistry Manual
  • Biology 2: Systems Manual

The Examkrackers MCAT study guide is very concise, well written by Jonathan Orsay, and easy to learn the objects you need to know about the MCAT exam.

What’s more, the provides some test-taking strategies that students can use on the exam.

Examkrackers MCAT audio infiltration includes many of the main concepts, as well as conversations that students can listen to while doing other things. And the MCAT prep book also contains images and graphics to explain concepts, so students can frame them in their minds for better understanding.

This MCAT study guide includes reasoning skills, including CARS. There are some practice passages at the end of each chapter. They provide a straightforward explanation for any complex topic.

Also, there are some good lab articles that are useful for you as a critical thinker. This ​MCAT prep book has time-saving tips in each MCAT learning material that is useful to learners in all aspects.


  • Each chapter has a clear outline, and you can easily find any chapter or object.
  • The MCAT prep book is very concise
  • Include manuals in chemistry and physics. 
  • The side panels contain important points, which are useful tools for remembering new content.
  • Excellent review material, all topics explained very succinctly and clearly.
  • Enough explanation for all the content
  • There will be five 35-minute exams at the end of each chapter.
  • Explain the different problem criteria.
  • The pictures are interesting, informative, and easy to read.
  • With excellent laboratory technology.
  • It can work wonders for those who underperform in MCAT preparation, so the series provides more realistic learning materials.
  • Point out topics that are frequently tested on MCAT
  • Provides 24 questions within each lecture.
  • With fewer illustrations of Sociology & Psychology.
  • A bit expensive
  • Some concepts could have been clearer in the Physics books

Bottom Line:

The ExamKrackers MCAT prep books point out all topics that are frequently tested in the MCAT exam. Therefore, you can review most exam objects more effectively in a shorter time.

It’s more sufficient to prepare for the MCAT exam according to the exam point. Which also gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars good ratings on the market. Examkrackers MCAT Study Package also was one of the best MCAT prep books in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Examkrackers is the only course that fully reformats its books for new exams. The content of each book is almost entirely different, with reformatted content and new practice paragraphs that fit the new exam format.

Sterling Test Prep MCAT Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry Practice Questions

Sterling Test Prep MCAT Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry Practice Questions

 It’s great for orgo and biochem prep for the MCAT

Sterling Test Prep MCAT Practice Questions are High Yield MCAT Practice Questions with detailed explanations.

Sterling Test Prep provides detailed information and in-depth explanations of the MCAT exam. Since 1991, this book has provided a wide range of practices for many students around the world.

Sterling Test Prep MCAT Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry Practice Questions, best mcat prep books 2015 - 2021

The Sterling Test Prep has different books on each subject, such as the biological and biochemical foundations of the living system. This MCAT prep book is well written and well-illustrated, it’s a full-color book, including illustrations, graphics, tables, charts, etc.

In addition, challenging paragraphs and data interpretation are covered. Questions and solutions are very helpful on the MCAT.

It also provides online access to the book with correct answers and the MCAT exam-related practice questions.


  • All the content is written by highly qualified editors who have been educated at top universities and attended medical school with excellent MCAT scores.
  • The detailed explanations help understand how the knowledge is applied to solve problems.
  • It provides 4 MCAT practice tests, which help to master the knowledge tested in the MCAT test.
  • It’s updated every year, adds the newest test points, and removes the outdated test points.
  • The description of the subject is very accurate and easy to understand.
  • Lots of exercises and clear explanations.
  • With brief and depth explanations.
  • It helps to strengthen the basics and add the valuable and key concepts you need on MCAT.
  • Content stays up-to-date
  • It gives detailed explanations, but it’s a bit broad.
  • The physical and chemical parts are a bit easy.
  • To some students, biochemistry is a bit easy.

Bottom Line:

Sterling’s preparation book contains some tests, which increase the chances of students performing well on the MCAT. By reading the explanation of each question, you will never miss the important concepts, which will prepare the candidate for the actual MCAT test by raising the score on each practice test.

It can also be observed that the third edition lacks a properly modernized treatment of the contents of the first two editions.

Therefore, if your concept is clear, this MCAT preparation material will provide enough practice to see the results on the MCAT exam. For those who are learning on their own, this is one of the best MCAT prep books.

The Berkeley Review MCAT Complete Set-10 Books

The Berkeley Review MCAT Complete Set-10 Books

 Great Books for Studying the MCAT

The Berkeley Review MCAT Complete Set-10 Books was one of the best MCAT prep books in 2017, 2018, 2019. Berkeley reviews MCAT complete series, series of very comprehensive, in 2017, a full set, of course, there are 10 books: automotive (1 book) psychology (1 book) Gen Chem I and II (2) book physics I and II (2 books) I and II (book 2) organic chemistry in biology I and II (2 books), which involves some problems, such as 1000 normal chemical, 770 physical, 800 organic chemistry questions and 99 oral. Each of these books is a part.

Biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics are divided into two parts, and each part contains them. Psychology and cars are also divided into sections. The sample paragraphs on critical analysis and reasoning skills will be analyzed step by step in detail.

The Berkeley Review MCAT Complete Set-10 Books, best mcat prep books 2017

In addition, the book contains nine diagnostic practice sets, 27 practice paragraphs, and 477 questions. The appendix contains text on research methods and statistical data. This MCAT exam preparation book contains two scientific forms (organic chemistry, physics, biology, and chemistry), one of which applies to the oral portion of the MCAT.


  • The Berkeley Review book is the most comprehensive material. Organic chemistry, general chemistry, and physics books provide sample questions in each section to help understand concepts.
  •  The review is very concise and has easy-to-understand examples.
  •  Each new topic is followed by exemplary questions and paragraphs to reinforce the new material.
  •  Examples and exercises are very challenging
  •  These books will give you everything you need for the new MCAT 
  •  The content quality is very high. 
  • Everything is very clear and very detailed.
  •  More than 3,500 exercises are provided.
  •  The book-related solutions and free-standing epilogs provide questions.
  •  The problem is reliable and similar to an actual MCAT.
  •  Each question has an answer and a reason.
  •  Provides insights into common paragraph styles and problems
  • The book series is a little more expensive. And it doesn’t contain everything.
  •  After the account is activated, the book order period is 40 days.
  •  It is too detailed to be relevant to the MCAT test.
  •  The book changes little from year to year.

Bottom Line:

If you want quality content, these books are very useful. Because there are so many practice problems, it’s worth buying. It’s hard to find a complete set of content. It is worth buying the book because it gives more exercise.

If you finish the exercise in a given amount of time, it will boost your confidence. It is better to choose the latest book because it puts more emphasis on experimental logic problems and data analysis problems.

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