Why is the MCAT SO HARD?

When it comes to MCAT, many students might ask why is the MCAT so hard? How to improve MCAT score in 2 weeks? How to get a good MCAT score…

In fact, if you know more about MCAT and with a good MCAT study schedule, it’s not hard to improve MCAT score in 2 weeks or 4 months.

What is the MCAT?

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), is a standardized, multiple-choice, computer-based test of academic medical ability required of students applying to medical schools in North America. It is a standardized, multiple-choice, computer-based test of academic medical ability required for students applying to medical schools in North America.

The AAMC MCAT examines problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills, research design and graphical analysis and data parsing, the ability to draw conclusions and inferences from visual data, and the candidate’s mastery of disciplinary principles and knowledge. The total test time is 6 hours and 15 minutes, and the entire test lasts approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes.

The MACT exam is now divided into four main sections:

  • biochemistry
  • chemistry-physics
  • psychosocial science
  • reading comprehension.

So, the MACT exam requires a high level of reading and information extraction skills.

The MACT exam is now divided into four main sections

AAMC MCAT Score Range

The MCAT was officially reformulated in April 2015. The new MCAT score consists of four sections, each with a score between 118-132, which means that the total MCAT score ranges from 472-528.

However, there is no such thing as a “passing” score on the MCAT, and U.S. medical schools certainly want you to score as high as possible. But, what is a good MCAT score?

The higher the MCAT score, the better the applicant will be able to demonstrate to the medical school admission officers his or her professionalism.

Therefore, most medical schools do not give a minimum score limit.

Generally speaking, a score of 510 or higher will help you get into a good US medical school. However, it is important to note that MCAT scores are only one factor in medical school admissions. And the GPA of 3.8 or higher and a TOEFL of 95 or higher are also mandatory requirements. You can check out the average MCAT score and GPA required by Medical Schools in the US on MCAThub

MCAT Score Percentiles 2018–2019

The following are the MCAT percentiles from the latest MCAT percentile 2018–2019 rankings from AAMC.

Why is the MCAT SO HARD?

In addition, medical school admissions officers will also look for the documents in the application and the research internship experience that the applicant has demonstrated.

Why is the MCAT so hard?

Studying in Medical school in the United States is a four-year program, with the first two years taking medical specialty courses and the second two years rotating into various departments for internships.

Medical school applicants are not required to major in a medically related science during their undergraduate years. They can apply to medical school by completing a pre-medical program. Pre-med courses include English Composition, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

The MCAT is difficult than traditional college exams, in part because it is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary test that covers a variety of subjects, including biology, physics, and chemistry.

In addition to testing scientific knowledge, the MCAT also tests language skills by requiring matriculated students to read and interpret texts in the social sciences and humanities.

The likelihood of scoring a perfect score on the MCAT is rather difficult. And the MCAT test takers must pay attention not only to the time allotted for each section but also to their ability to search and respond to knowledge.

According to data from previous years, the average acceptance rate for Harvard Medical School is only 2.3%, Yale University is 2.5%, the University of Pittsburgh is 3.2%, and New York University is even lower at 1.8%. Check out more medical school acceptance rates.

Final Thoughts

Although the MCAT is so hard, it’s not impossible to improve the MCAT score in 2 weeks or 4 months. You can buy some MCAT practice tests, such as Uworld MCAT, Kaplan MCAT practice, or Princeton MCAT, to prepare for the MCAT. We also provide some free MCAT Practice Test, which might help you get a good MCAT score.

No matter how hare the MCAT is, just strive for it.

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