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How I got MCAT scores from 495 to 523 by using UWorld MCAT

Are you wondering how to get the MCAT score to 521 or more? In this post, I would recommend the UWorld MCAT practice test resources to help you get a higher MCAT score.

Why it is UWorld?

You might know that the MCAT is a daunting test, however, no matter how hard the MCAT test is, there is still someone who got a good MCAT score.

The best success story is the process of my MCAT exam and MCAT scores. I took a few times of MCAT test. In the past a few MCAT tests, I got score 479 and 495, it sounds a bit bad.

However, during the preparation for the nearest MCAT test, I bought the UWorld MCAT question bank as my main MCAT practice test resource. Finally, I got a pretty good score of 523.

I just hope that you can also get a well good MCAT score at last.

That’s why I write this UWorld MCAT review post to recommend it to you.

Overview of UWorld MCAT Qbank

As UWorld MCAT officially claims, the authors of UWorld are elite subject matter experts whose knowledge of basic sciences, humanities, and social sciences is unparalleled.

In the past few years, UWorld MCAT became the #1 question bank resource for physicians to make MCAT prep, and 90% of medical students choose UWorld to prepare for the USMLE board exam.

UWorld MCAT Qbank is designed with a proven approach to help you master MCAT and start your medical journey.

Key features and highlights of UWorld

The key features

1. MCAT practice questions include more than 1900 high-quality MCAT questions. The MCAT Qbank covers all topics tested in the new MCAT, and the style mimics the format and blueprint of AAMC, teaches the critical reasoning skills required for the MCAT.

2. With detailed explanations. Each question with detailed rationales for the answer options, and also provides a large of vivid illustrations to aid visual learning. The MCAT practice questions cover everything you need to master all MCAT subjects.

UWorld Qbank’s comprehensive explanations include annotated paragraph data, images of experimental procedures, and scientific concepts in biology, physics, biochemistry, general and organic chemistry, psychology, and sociology. CARS annotated paragraph summaries to help make key inferences.

3. Easy Performance tracking. The MCAT Qbank system support performance tracking, which helps to know if you are ready for the exam, to identify weaknesses and improve MCAT skills. And it also supports to compare your performance with other users, then to know which your advantages.

MCAT Qbank Highlights

Flash Cards. It’s very to create your own study sets for quick reviews, such as formulas, images, tables, etc.

Available on Multiple Devices. The UWorld MCAT Qbank support a few different platform system, you can practice questions on your Phone, iPad, and Computer any time.

More like the actual MCAT. The Interface of UWorld Qbank designed to look identical to the actual exam. It’s very helpful for me to get used to the actual MCAT exam.

MCAT Qbank Pricing

As the following MCAT practice questions Pricing image, you can see one free and three paid packages available. They recommended the $269 to you.

UWorld MCAT Qbank Pricing

BUT, I would suggest you first choose the UWorld free trial MCAT package to experienced their MCAT practice questions. The free MCAT practice test package supports 7-day free access and 100 MCAT-style questions.  

Try it, then decide to buy which package refers to the experience of UWorld MCAT Qbank.

Here are a few UWorld MCAT discount code available, if you want to buy the paid packages.

Uworld.com Discount Codes, Coupon Codes, and Promo Code:

  • UWFOURTH (Enjoy 28% Off)
  • twitter (Enjoy 20% Off)
  • EGGNOG (Enjoy 30% Off)

Although UWorld Qbank is a great prep resource for MCAT, you can’t just use it. Combining several MCAT prep resources is the best learning plan, you can check out more MCAT prep resources on MCAThub.

The advantage of UWorld lies in its rich and vivid explanation, high-quality MCAT question, and the subjects involved are comprehensive.

With a good plan and stick with it, then the MCAT will be a piece of cake.

Good luck!

Website: uworld.com


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