AMMT medical abbreviation, what does it mean?

What does AMMT mean in medical terms?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of AMMT. However, what is the medical term AMMT?

What does AMMT mean in medical abbreviation?

In the medicine field, the AMMT abbreviation stands for Aroma Medicine Massage Therapists.

AMMT: Aroma Medicine Massage Therapists

Related Medical Abbreviations

3D_USThree Dimensional Ultrasonography
5/7five days
ARFAcute Renal Failure
ATMPAcademy of Translational Medicine Professionals
AVRAortic Valve Replacement
BEAMbrain electrical activity mapping
BHOMBehavioral Health Outcomes Management
BINMBoucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
BMBSBiomedicine and Molecular Biosciences
BRBed Rest
BRATbananas, rice, applesauce, toast (diet)
BSNBachelor of Science in Nursing; bowel sounds normal
CAPDcontinuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis; central auditory processing disorder
CASTcardiac arrhythmia suppression trial
CCO(s)Coordinated Care Organization(s)
CHLconductive hearing loss
CLAcertified laboratory assistant
CNCMHCanadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene
CUSChronic Unpredictable Stress
CVSchorionic villus sampling; chronic villus sampling; clean-voided specimen; computer vision syndrome
DABPMDiplomate of the American Board of Pain Medicine
DLVCdouble lumen vascular catheter
EBLEstimated Blood Loss
EDRelectrodermal response
EIDelectronic infusion device
EPMKEmergency Preparedness Medical Kit
ERPeffective refractory period; emergency response plan
EUSendoscopic ultrasound
EVARendovascular aneurysm repair
FDfire department; focal distance; fully dilated; fatal dose
FMECFamily Medicine Education Consortium
FPFamily Practitioner
FPIAfluorescence polarization immunoassay
GPTglutamic-pyruvic transaminase
GSRgalvanic skin response
HBOhyperbaric oxygenation
HBsAghepatitis B surface antigen
HHAhome health aide; home health agency
HOMEHealthy Outcomes Medical Excellence
IHDischemic heart disease
IMCintermediate care
IP-10Interferon-γ Inducible Protein 10
IVHintraventricular hemorrhage
InFeDiron dextran
KEDKendrick Extrication Device
LOMSAleft otitis media, suppurative, acute
LOQlower outer quadrant
MAImycobacterium avium intracellular
MCVMean Corpuscular Volume
MVTRMoisture vapor transmission rate
NIHSSNational Institutes of Health Stroke Scale
NKHGnonketotic hyperglycinemia
NLTnot less than
NMCDNatural Medicine Comprehensive Database
NRCnational research council; normal retinal correspondence
OTFCoral transmucosal fentanyl citrate
PARRpost anesthesia recovery (room)
PASApara-aminosalicylic acid
PCDpacing cardioverter/defibrillator; percutaneous drainage; pneumatic compression device; programmed cell death
PIPProximal Inter-Phalangeal
PIVperipheral intravenous
PNFproprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
PTCpoints to consider; plasma thromboplastin component; percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography; papillary thyroid cancer
RIMARight Internal Mammary Artery
RMruptured membranes; risk management; respiratory movement
SCADschizoaffective disorder; short-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
SCLCsmall cell lung cancer
SERMselective estrogen receptor modulator
SIAstrip immunoblot assay
SMERTState Medical Emergency Response Team
SOAPIERsubjective, objective, assessment, plan, intervention, evaluation, response
STARTsimple triage and rapid treatment
TCHturn, cough, hyperinflate
TDMtherapeutic drug monitoring
TMPtotal membrane pressure; trimethoprim
UQupper quadrant
gradby degrees; gradual
pmolpicomole (one trillionth of a mole)
q.i.d.Four times daily. As in taking a medicine four times daily.
secsecond (time or sequence)
w/v.weight in volume

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