What does TW stand for in medical abbreviation?

What does the abbreviation TW mean in medical terms?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation TW. However, what does the medical term TW stand for?

What is the meaning of TW medical abbreviation?

In the medicine field, the TW abbreviation stands for T Wave.

TW: T Wave

Related Medical Abbreviations

ABECOPDAcute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
ACSEPAustralasian College of Sport Exercise Physicians
AGDAnogenital Distance
ALSAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; also Advanced Life Support
ARATAction Research Arm Test
BIDSbedtime insulin and daytime sulfonylureas
BIIJBiomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal
BOAborn out of asepsis; behavioral observation audiometry
BUSMBoston University School of Medicine
CAHECentre for Allied Health Evidence
CHSBCentral Health Services Building
CMCcarpo metacarpal
COAcoarctation of the aorta; Certified Ophthalmic Assistant
CTCcomputed tomographic colonography; circulating tumor cell; common toxicity criteria; chlortetracycline
CaRECalcium response element
DAREDrug & Alcohol Resistance Education; data, action, response, education
DFMCDelmarva Foundation for Medical Care
DOSdate of service
ECCEextracapsular cataract extraction
ECPemergency contraceptive pill
EFNJEpilepsy Foundation of New Jersey
EMCelectromagnetic compatibility
ENAextractable nuclear antigen
EPSElectro-Physiologic Study
ESCAIDEEuropean Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology
FFAfree fatty acids; frontal fibrosing alopecia
FOMAFlorida Osteopathic Medical Association
FPIAfluorescence polarization immunoassay
FTIfree testosterone index
FamHxFamily history
GMALGlobal Medical Affairs Leader
HEKHuman Embryonic Kidney
HIBHaemophilus Influenza B vaccine
HSPBHeat Shock Protein B
HTLOHealth Technology Licensing Office
IEFisoelectric focusing
IFCinterferential current
IMVSInstitute of Medical and Veterinary Science
IUIintrauterine insemination
IVRidioventricular rhythm; interventional radiology
LALeft Atrium
LENISLower Extremity Non-Invasive Study
LQTSlong QT syndrome
LUAleft upper arm
MCDmultiple carboxylase deficiency
MWFMedical Womens Federation
NDCnational drug code
NDSHNon Direct Self Harm
NPEUNational Perinatal Epidemiology Unit
NRRHNorthern Rural and Remote Health
OLAMOffice of Laboratory Animal Medicine
OTOccupational Therapy
PBApseudobulbar affect
PCCCLPrimary Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Liver
PFOPatent Foramen Ovale
PMHTPerinatal Mental Health Team
POPsprogestin-only contraceptive pills
PORPpartial ossicular replacement prosthesis
QIquality improvement
RIHRRetrospective Ill Health Retirement
RLRinger’s Lactate; right leg; right lateral
RLQRight Lower Quadrant
RRRespiratory Rate
RREround, reactive, equal
SASino-Atrial; Staph Aureus
SAMGSouth Atlantic Medical Group
SROMspontaneous rupture of membranes
SVGSaphenous Vein Graft
TCMTraditional Chinese Medicine
TEPtracheo-esophageal puncture
Tdaptetanus diphtheria pertussis vaccine
UECurgent and emergency care
UMCGUniversity Medical Center Groningen
VBIVertebrobasilar Insufficiency
VOverbal order
VPCventricular premature contraction
dupduplication, duplicate
instinstruction, instructed; instrument; institution
refrefuse(d); referral/refer

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