What is SSDI medical abbreviation?

What is the medical term SSDI?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation SSDI. However, what is the medical term SSDI?

What is the SSDI medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the SSDI medical term mean Social Security disability insurance.

SSDI: Social Security disability insurance

Related Medical Abbreviations

GTNgestational trophoblastic neoplasia; glyceryl trinitrate
SMBGself-monitoring of blood glucose
FHxfamily history
SPAsperm penetration assay; single point of access
PTRplatelet transfusion reaction
Ophthophthalmology; ophthalmoscope
S/PStatus Post; also Supra Pubic
ftfoot, feet (0.3048 meter)
PetCO2partial pressure of end-tidal carbon dioxide
PA-CCertified Physician Assistant
GFRglomerular filtration rate
NEnot evaluated/not examined; norepinephrine; neurological examination
LEPlaparoscopic extraperitoneal approach; limited English proficiency
MODSmultiple organ dysfunction syndrome
RIDradial immunodiffusion
PPOpreferred provider organization
PNIperipheral nerve injury
MERTmedical emergency response team
PARparaffin; patient at risk; post anesthesia recovery
CHLconductive hearing loss
SOSsinusoidal obstruction syndrome; help needed distress signal (save our ship)

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