What does PDW medical abbreviation mean?

What does the medical term PDW stand for?

In some cases, there may be multiplied meanings of the PDW abbreviation. However, what is the meaning of the PDW medical abbreviation?

What is the meaning of PDW medical abbreviation?

In medical field, However, the medical abbreviation PDW stands for Passive Death Wish.

PDW: Passive Death Wish

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ANCAbsolute Neutrophil Count
Ad libAt liberty. For example, a patient may be permitted to move out of bed freely and orders would, therefore, be for activities to be ad lib.
BACCBiomedical Acceleration and Commercialization Center
BASOBiomedical Analytics and Systems Optimization
BBTbasal body temperature
BMEbiomedical engineering
BMISBattlefield Medical Information System
BSNBachelor of Science in Nursing; bowel sounds normal
C/wconsistent with; continue with
CAMEComputer Aided Medical Engineering
CBSCcord blood stem cells
CEHcontinuing education hour
CLDchronic liver disease
CNPBCCollege of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (licensing body in BC)
CPUChest Pain Unit
CRCCertified Rehabilitation Counselor
CRMGCheyenne Regional Medical Group
CVRBcritical value read back
DCTdistal convoluted tubule
DIABDepartment of Experimental Diabetology
DNHdo not hospitalize
DODdate of death
DOSdate of service
DSOPDental Student Outreach Program
FACPFellow of the American College of Physicians
FOITSFast Optical in vivo Topometry of Human Skin
FSBGfinger stick blood glucose/sugar
FTPfailure to progress
Fl02fraction of inspired oxygen
GBSGroup B streptococcus; Guillain-Barre syndrome; gallbladder series
GEA/GETAgeneral endotracheal anesthesia
HAZMAThazardous materials
HBIHealth and Biomedical Information
HCCHepatocellular Carcinoma
HCSThematopoietic stem cell transplant
HEMDHandicap Elderly Medically Disabled
HIAhealth impact assessment
HNPherniated nucleus pulposus
HTCSHuman Tumor Cloning System
HTLOHealth Technology Licensing Office
IACinternal auditory canal; interposed abdominal compression (CPR)
IHINIowa Health Information Network
IPGimpedance plethysmography
IPSPinhibitory postsynaptic potential
InFeDiron dextran
KHZKarawa Health Zone
LDCRLate Diastolic Coronary Resistance
MCADmedium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (deficiency)
MDIPMedical Device Innovation Programme
MHUmental health unit
MeRdMethyl Red (stain)
NMATNational Medical Admission Test
NRRHNorthern Rural and Remote Health
NSCLCANon-Small Cell Lung Cancer
ODDoppositional defiant disorder
OTFCoral transmucosal fentanyl citrate
PASGpneumatic anti-shock garments
PEPPECPresently Existing Patented Products to Eradicate Coronavirus
PHTNPartners in Health Telemedicine Network
PMHPast Medical History
PPIPput prevention into practice
QCTquantitative computed tomography
REG.N.Registered Nurse
RVRrapid ventricular response
SACshort arm cast
SACCSSpinal Bifida Autism Cystic Fibrosis Cerebral Palsy Syndrome
SCJsternoclavicular joint
SDHsubdural hematoma
SIMDsubstance-induced mood disorder
SJCMScience Journal of Clinical Medicine
SMASSports Medicine Association Singapore
SOGSSaudi Obstetric and Genaecological Society
STOPSurgical Termination Of Pregnancy
T&Htype and hold
TCHturn, cough, hyperinflate
TCPtranscutaneous pacer; tumor control probability; thrombocytopenia
TKEterminal knee extension
TMRtrans-myocardial revascularization
TVRtricuspid valve replacement
UPEPUrine Protein Electro-Pheresis
WGWegener’s granulomatosis
XDRextensively drug-resistant
divdivide, division
pgpicogram (one trillionth of a gram)
w/v.weight in volume

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