What is the path medical abbreviation?

What does the medical abbreviation path stand for?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of path. However, what does the medical term path stand for?

What does path medical abbreviation mean?

In medical field, the path medical abbreviation stands for pathologist; pathology.

path: pathologist; pathology

Related Medical Abbreviations

MSFmeconium stained fluid
quantquantitative; quantity
LOMSCHleft otitis media, suppurative, chronic
TTPTender To Palpation; Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
MMMultiple Myeloma
TVTidal Volume
CUCchronic ulcerative colitis
PR3proteinase 3
C DIFClostridium Difficile
HbFHemoglobin F
TUIPtransurethral incision of the prostate
TIStumor in situ
LRNElow risk nutrition education
ETTExercise Tolerance Test; also Endotracheal Tube
PrPraseodymium (element)
RDIRespiratory Disturbance Index
RLWright lateral wrist
HGAhuman granulocytic anaplasmosis
PPGpostprandial glucose
EUAemergency use authorization; examination under anesthesia; examination under anesthetic
TPURtransperineal urethral resection
T&CType and Cross
LASERlight amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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