What is the meaning of Oph medical abbreviation?

What does the abbreviation Oph mean in medical terms?

The abbreviation Oph may have a few different meanings. However, what is the meaning of the medical term Oph?

What does Oph medical abbreviation stand for?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation Oph means ophthalmology.

Oph: ophthalmology

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CPBcompetitive protein binding
IWMIinferior wall myocardial infarction
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GIFTgamete intrafallopian transfer
BIOTbiotinidase deficiency
RATxradiation therapy
VLRAverbal lead risk assessment
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PTRplatelet transfusion reaction
PA-CCertified Physician Assistant
CT scancomputed tomography scan
MLPAmultiplex ligation dependent probe amplification
intintermittent; internal
NEnot evaluated/not examined; norepinephrine; neurological examination
VEGFvascular endothelial growth factor
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prevprevious; preventive; prevention

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