What is the meaning of FIFO medical abbreviation?

What is the medical term FIFO?

Sometime, there may be more than one meaning of FIFO abbreviation. However, what is the medical term FIFO?

What does FIFO medical abbreviation stand for?

In medical field, the FIFO medical term stands for first in, first out.

FIFO: first in, first out

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PPWpre-pregnancy weight
UVAultraviolet A (rays)
u/ourine output
SUDssingle use devices
UTVultrasound transmission velocity
P&Rpulse and respiration
KPIkey performance indicator
PPTLpost-partum tubal ligation
TVTidal Volume
VAVisual Acuity
NCSNerve Conduction Study
EDCestimated day of confinement; electronic data capture; extensor digitorum communis
DODdate of death
CUmcubic micron
TMStympanic membranes; transcranial magnetic stimulation
PA-CCertified Physician Assistant
DSM-IVDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition
PAFparoxysmal atrial fibrillation; platelet activating factor
RLWright lateral wrist
HCVDhypertensive cardiovascular disease
NSAIDnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug

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