What does EENT medical abbreviation mean?

What does the medical abbreviation EENT stand for?

In some cases, the abbreviation EENT may have a few different meanings. Below is the meaning that the abbreviation EENT stands for.

What is the EENT medical abbreviation?

In medical field, the EENT medical term stands for eye, ear, nose, and throat.

EENT: eye, ear, nose, and throat

Related Medical Abbreviations

CFRCertified First Responder; child fatality review; Code of Federal Regulations; case fatality ratio
IVHAintravenous hyperalimentation
MnManganese (element)
IDUidouridizine; idoxuridine; injection drug user
OCoral contraceptive; osteocalcin; obstetrical conjugate; oleoresin capsicum; oral cavity
NVTneurovascular and tendon
MERTmedical emergency response team
NSCnational safety council
O&Gobstetrics and gynecology
FMfrequency modulation; fibromyalgia; fetal movement; family medicine
FHxfamily history
PTRplatelet transfusion reaction
CWRcanal wall reconstruction
NYDnot yet diagnosed
MLPAmultiplex ligation dependent probe amplification
TTPTender To Palpation; Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
TMStympanic membranes; transcranial magnetic stimulation
TIStumor in situ
Hghemoglobin; Mercury (element)
u/ourine output
VEGFvascular endothelial growth factor
DISIDAdiisopropyl iminodiacetic acid (cholescintigraphy)
psiper square inch (pounds)
ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
MRMitral Regurgitation

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