What is the meaning of CNE medical abbreviation?

What does CNE mean in medical terms?

The abbreviation CNE may have a few different meanings. However, what does the medical term CNE stand for?

What is CNE medical abbreviation?

In medical field, However, the medical abbreviation CNE stands for chronic nervous exhaustion.

CNE: chronic nervous exhaustion

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IFRinfection fatality ratio; instrument flight rules
HRHeart Rate
NVDnausea, vomiting, diarrhea; normal vaginal delivery
N&Vnausea and vomiting
GIFTgamete intrafallopian transfer
NIDDMNon-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
NSCnational safety council
ICNinternational council of nurses
WOBwork of breathing
FHxfamily history
PSDpatient specific direction
LTLlaparoscopic tubal ligation
MDSMyelo dysplastic syndrome
MLPAmultiplex ligation dependent probe amplification
intintermittent; internal
Fl02fraction of inspired oxygen
BRBPRBright Red Blood Per Rectum
NEnot evaluated/not examined; norepinephrine; neurological examination
u/ourine output
c.n.s.to be taken tomorrow night (cras nocte sumendus)
trachtracheotomy; trachea(l); tracheostomy
MRMitral Regurgitation

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