What is CHDR medical abbreviation?

What is the meaning of the medical abbreviation CHDR?

There may be a few different meanings of the abbreviation CHDR. However, what does the medical term CHDR mean?

CHDR medical abbreviation, what does it stand for?

In the medicine field, the CHDR abbreviation stands for Center for Health Dispute Resolution.

CHDR: Center for Health Dispute Resolution

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AOBEMAmerican Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine
ARHCAsia Regional Health Cluster
ATLASAdjuvant Tamoxifen Longer Against Shorter
BIABio- impedance analyzer
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BiFCBimolecular Fluorescence Complementation
CCEBCenter for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
DCTdistal convoluted tubule
DMMCDarul Makmur Medical Centre
Div.in pt.aeq.Dividatur in aequales Divide into equal parts
HAVhepatitis A vaccine; hepatitis A virus
IAFTIntensive Alternative Family Treatment
PEEPunctate epithelial erosions
PEHSPublic and Environmental Health Services
PEMFpulsing electromagnetic field
PHISHPhysician Hospital Information System for Home
RDMARoyal Dutch Medical Association
SAVEscreen, ask, validate, evaluate/educate
TCGAThe Cancer Genome Atlas
U/Lupper and lower
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