What does ANGMA stand for in medical abbreviation?

What does medical abbreviation ANGMA mean?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of ANGMA. However, what does the medical term ANGMA stand for?

What is ANGMA medical abbreviation?

In the medicine field, the medical abbreviation ANGMA means Abbott Northwestern General Medicine Associates.

ANGMA: Abbott Northwestern General Medicine Associates

Related Medical Abbreviations

ADHAntidiuretic hormone
AGMTAfrican Genomic Medicine Training
ASSIGNAssessing Cardiovascular Risk Using SIGN Guidelines
AVNAvascular Necrosis; Atrio-Ventricular
BLEbilateral lower extremities; both lower extremities
BPADbipolar affective disorder
BRBPRBright Red Blood Per Rectum
BTPbladder training program
Bandbanded neutrophil
C/WConsistent With; Compared With
CBScasual blood sugar
CETRcare, education and treatment review
CHFCongestive Heart Failure
COREcoordinated outbreak response and evaluation
CYSchildren and youth services
DBSdeep brain stimulation; dorsal blocking splint
DHSdynamic hip screw
DTRDeep Tendon Reflex
EMQextended matching question
ESSGspondylarthropathy study group
FACDFellow of the American College of Dentists
FHSfetal heart sounds
GHIHgrowth hormone-inhibiting hormone
GIRFTgetting it right first time
GRACEGlobal Registry of Acute Coronary Events
H/HHenderson-Hasselbalch equation; hemoglobin/hematocrit
H2O2hydrogen peroxide
HDCTHigh Dose Cytotoxic Therapy
HGEhuman granulocytic ehrlichiosis
HLMSHealthy Living Medical Supply
HOHHard Of Hearing
HSAt Bedtime
HUCOMHadhramout Uni College of Medicine
ICDDRInternational Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
IOLIntra-Ocular Lens
IPSPinhibitory postsynaptic potential
ISMNisosorbide mononitrate
IVFIntravenous Fluids; also In Vitro Fertilization
JDMGJohn Deere Medical Group
JPTRJefferson Pancreas Tumor Registry
LBlive birth; lower body
LBBBLeft Bundle Branch Block
LFTSliver function test series
LMNLower Motor Neuron
LOPleft occiput posterior
LTElife-threatening event; less than effective
LVADLeft Ventricular Assist Device
LWOTleft without treatment
MVNTMultinodular and vacuolating neuronal tumours
NCHSnational center for health statistics
NCPNursing care plan
NIDDMNon-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
NSUnonspecific urethritis; non-specific urethritis
PCCRpost cardiac cath recovery
PFTPulmonary function test. A test to evaluate the how well the lungs are functioning.
PGRpsychogalvanic reaction
PMHxpast medical history
PMRSPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service
PRQMpublicly reported quality measures
PaO2arterial oxygen partial pressure [case sensitive]
QOFquality and outcomes framework
RCRreplication competent retrovirus
RTTreferral to treatment
SMCHSilchar Medical College and Hospital
SRTspeech reception threshold on audiometry
T&Htype and hold
TEFtracheoesophageal fistula
TMJTemporo-Mandibular Joint
WFLwithin functional limits
cRNAchromosomal RNA
csconditioned stimulus
in uterowithin the uterus
mol wtmolecular weight
mor. dict.as directed
o.d.once daily (omni die)
patholpathological; pathology
qodEvery other day. As in taking a medicine every other day.
quantquantitative; quantity
rBGHrecombinant bovine growth hormone
refrefuse(d); referral/refer
ssDNAsingle-stranded DNA
tPAtissue plasminogen activator

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