What does ADR medical abbreviation mean?

What does the medical term ADR stand for?

In some cases, there may be multiplied meanings of the ADR abbreviation. Below is the meaning of ADR abbreviation in medical terms.

What does ADR medical abbreviation mean?

In medicine, the medical term ADR stands for Adverse Drug Reaction.

ADR: Adverse Drug Reaction

Related Medical Abbreviations

AKActinic Keratosis
BFPbiological false-positive; of a pregnancy test big fat positive
BLEbilateral lower extremities; both lower extremities
C&Pcrowning and pushing
CHHAcertified home health aide/agency
CKCcold knife conization; closed kinetic chain
CVCcentral venous catheter
DHxdrug history
DWdistilled water
EBHevidence-based healthcare
ECemergency center; energy conservation; enteric coating (medication); emergency contraception
EGFepidermal growth factor
EIDelectronic infusion device
EVOOextra-virgin olive oil
F&NFebrile and Neutropenic
FDIUfetal death in utero
FRCSFellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
GNDgram-negative diplococci
H&Nhead and neck
HBIGhepatitis B immune globulin
I+With Ionic Contrast (in reference to a CAT Scan)
IMIInferior Myocardial Infarction
ITIntrathecal; Information Technology
LGIlower gastrointestinal
LUTSLower Urinary Tract Symptoms
MOABmonoclonal antibodies
MUFAmonounsaturated fatty acids
MVRMitral Valve Replacement
NFnational formulary; neurofibromatosis
NOInature of illness
NaClSodium Chloride
PFOPatent Foramen Ovale
PGFpaternal grandfather
PPROMpreterm premature rupture of membranes
PRITposterior resection of inferior turbinates
PRQMpublicly reported quality measures
RHFright heart failure
SERMselective estrogen receptor modulator
SHserum hepatitis; social history
SSEPsomatosensory evoked potentials
TAAThoracic Aortic Aneurysm
V&PVagotomy and Pyloroplasty
saaccording to art (secundum artem)

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