The action of helicase creates _____

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The action of helicase creates _____

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Unspinases are a class of enzymes that unwind hydrogen bonds, rather than an enzyme that supplies energy to unwind DNA by hydrolyzing ATP. They are often dependent on the presence of a single strand and recognize the single-stranded structure of the replication fork. They generally serve to catalyze the unspin of double-stranded DNA or RNA during DNA or RNA replication.

Enzymes and proteins associated with unstranding include 1. single-strand binding proteins 2. unspinases 3. topoisomerases I 4. topoisomerases II.

There are many similar unspinases in bacteria, all with ATPase activity, most of which move in the direction of 5’→3′, but there are also cases where 3’→5′ move to, for example, n’ protein is moved according to 3’→5′ during the synthesis of replica form by φχ174 with positive-strand as a template.

It is usually a fluid protein ring, and the energy generated by ATP hydrolysis is loaded onto the DNA single-strand (single strand across the center of the ring) by the decapping enzyme loader and has a 3′–5′ or 5′-3′ direction polarity, which is the polarity of the single strand it binds. It has extensibility like DNA polymerase.

Until it binds to the unwinding enzyme loader and is loaded onto single-stranded DNA, the DNA unwinding enzyme is inactive, and only after the unwinding enzyme loader loads it onto single-stranded DNA and the unwinding enzyme loader leaves automatically is DNA unwinding enzyme activity activated. It does not leave from the single-stranded strand until the double-stranded strand is fully unwound and moves to the end of the single-stranded strand.

Note that the DNA unwinding enzyme binds single-stranded DNA rather than double-stranded DNA, and as for the single-stranded strand it binds, it is created by the action of an initiator protein on a segment of DNA called a replicator that causes double-stranded unwinding of that segment.

DNA unwinding enzymes act on the hydrogen bonds of the DNA double-strand.

Correct Answer

Here is the correct answer to The action of helicase creates _____

  • replication forks and replication bubbles

The action of helicase creates replication forks and replication bubbles.

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