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The Physician Assistant program at Salus University is based on the legacy of excellence in clinical education. Graduates of the Salus PA Program will receive a Master of Medical Science degree (MMS).

Salus University PA Program

Salus University Physician Assistant Program is one of the best PA programs in PA. It emphasizes a strong basic science and pathophysiology foundation, building an understanding.

Salus University PA Program

Quick Review

Application Deadline

December 1



International Students





25 months

Class Capacity


First-time PANCE pass rate


Five-year first-time PANCE pass rate


PA Program Graduation Rate

Campus LocationElkins Park, PA
Address8360 Old York Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027

How long is the Salus University Physician Assistant Program?

The Physician Assistant program available at Salus University lasts for 25 months.

It’s a full-time PA program for those who want to join one of the fastest-growing professions in the country and become one member of the healthcare delivery team. 

Class size of the Salus PA program

The class size of the Salus University Physician Assistant program is 50.

PANCE pass rate

Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination Exam pass rate of Salus University physician assistant program:

  • The first-time PANCE pass rate is 94%
  • The five-year first-time PANCE pass rate is 100%.

Accreditation Status

The ARC-PA has granted Accreditation-Continued status to the Salus University Physician Assistant Program.

Prerequisites and Admissions Requirements

Salus University PA program prerequisites and tuition





Seat Deposit


CASPA Participant




Supplemental Application


Overall GPA


Science GPA


HCE Hours


Salus University tuition and costs

The total tuition for the Salus University Physician Assistant Program is $91,340.

Salus University tuition is the same for residents and non-resident.

The tuition and fees of Salus University Physician Assistant Program:

Items First Phase
(12 months)
Second Phase
(13 months)
Books & Instruments$1,900$800$2,700
Student Services$390$265$655
Needle Stick Insurance




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Salus University Physician Assistant Program GPA

It requires that applicants must have a minimum cumulative and science GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Salus PA Program Prerequisites and Requirements

CASPA Application

To apply for Salus University Physician Assistant Program, applicants must submit applications through the CASPA.

Application Deadline

Salus University Physician Assistant Program has a Deadline, December 1st.

The processing of applications by CASPA begins in April, and will close December 1st.

Application Requirements
CASPA ApplicationRequired
Bachelor’s degreeRequired
Three letters of recommendationRequired
A minimum of 300 hours of direct patient care experienceRequired
A minimum of 20 hours of PA shadowingRequired
Prerequisite CourseworkRequired

Healthcare experience hours

Salus University Physician Assistant Program requires all applicants must have a minimum of 300 hours of direct patient care experience and a minimum of 20 hours of PA shadowing.


GRE is required for Salus University Physician Assistant Program.

Salus University’s designated institution code is 0432.

Here are some PA schools that don’t require GRE scores.

Prerequisite Coursework

Prerequisite CourseworkSemester Credits
Anatomy and Physiology I (or Anatomy) with laboratory  4
Anatomy and Physiology II (or Physiology) with laboratory4
Chemistry I with laboratory4
Chemistry II with laboratory4
Biology I with laboratory4
Biology II with laboratory4
Organic Chemistry3
Statistics or Biostatistics3
English Composition3

Recommended courses

  • medical terminology (strongly recommended)
  • genetics
  • immunology
  • physics
  • embryology
  • biochemistry
  • physics
  • cell biology
  • public speaking
  • histology
  • ethics and developmental or abnormal psychology

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Salus University

Salus University was founded in 1919, formerly known as the Pennsylvania Academy of Optometry and Optometry. It is a special institution specializing in the teaching and research of vision, optometry, and ophthalmology.

Salus University is one of the oldest schools of optometry, a leader in ophthalmology training and ophthalmology research, and the first school to be eligible to award the Doctor of Optometry degree in ophthalmology.

Salus University was the first school to receive regional accreditation to operate, the first to offer a contact lens program, the first to offer a postgraduate program in vision rehabilitation, the first to conduct a complex medical training and externship program, and the first to use a modular approach to teaching.

The degrees that can be awarded by the Salus University mainly include professional degrees such as Doctor of Optometry and Master of Medicine.

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