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  1. We learned from the official website, there’re about 2,000 applicants for 45 seats in each admission cycle. So, the acceptance rate of the University of the Pacific Physician Assistant Program is around 2.25%.
  2. Any one know the latest acceptance rate of the University of the Pacific PA Program?
  3. Hello, 2021-2022 application cycle for Le Moyne PA Program has begun. Anyone received interview invitation?
  4. Hello, the 2021-2022 CASPA application cycle for OHSU PA Program had closed on August 1. Any one received the invitation for interviews?
  5. The OHSU PA Program is a full-time graduate program, and the class length is 26-month.
  6. Here is the information about the PA Direct Entry Admission pathway. https://trine.edu/academics/majors-degrees/undergraduate/pre-physician-assistant/direct-entry.aspx
  7. Anyone know what are the average GPA of Samford University PA Studies program?
  8. When do classes start at Emory and Henry PA Program? Does Emory and Henry PA Program need supplemental application?
  9. First time applying to the UAMS PA program and received an invite to interview. Super happy.
  10. If anyone accepted into Boston University's program could you share or message the application stats (gpa, GRE, HCE...) here?
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