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PA Schools in Georgia

PA Schools in GA, PA Programs in Georgia


  1. Brenau University | PA Forum

    Brenau University Physician Assistant Program | Brenau PA Program Forum | link

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  2. Emory University | Emory PA Forum

    Emory University Physician Assistant Program | Emory PA Program Forum | link

    How Hard Is It to Get into Emory PA Program? What is the Acceptance Rate?

  3. Mercer University | Mercer PA Forum

    Mercer University Physician Assistant Program | Mercer University PA Program | link

  4. Morehouse School of Medicine | Morehouse PA Forum

    Morehouse School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program | Morehouse PA Program Forum | link

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  5. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine | PCOM PA Forum

    Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine PA Program | PCOM PA Program | link

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  6. South College – Atlanta | South College PA Program Forum

    South College – Atlanta PA Program | MHS Physician Assistant Studies Program in Atlanta | link

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  7. South University – Savannah | PA Program Forum

    South University Savannah PA Program | South University Savannah PA Program Forum | link

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