MCPHS University Manchester PA Program: Tuition | Admission Requirements

MCPHS University Manchester PA program is one of the best PA programs in New Hampshire. It’s an accredited PA program with a class length of 24 months.

In this post, you will learn more about the MCPHS University Manchester Physician Assistant Program, including the PA program application deadline, admission requirements, admission statistics, tuition, acceptance rate…

MCPHS University Manchester PA Program

MCPHS University Manchester PA Program

MCPHS University offers a Master of Physician Assistant Studies—Accelerated (Accelerated MPAS) program in theManchester campus. Graduates of the PA program will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as a highly valued member of the healthcare team.

The MCPHS University Manchester Physician Assistant Program is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to all patients through innovative clinical education that promotes clinical competence, professionalism, community involvement, leadership, and life-long learning.

Quick Review

Application Deadline

January 15



International Students





24 months

Class Capacity


First-time PANCE pass rate


Five-year first-time PANCE


PA Program Graduation Rate

  • Class Start Month: January
  • PA Program Location: Manchester, NH
  • Address: 1260 Elm Street Room 122 Manchester, NH 03101
  • Phone: 603-314-1701
  • Email:
  • PA Program Website: link
  • College or School: School of Physician Assistant Studies

How long is the MCPHS University PA program?

The MCPHS University PA program available at Manchester lasts for 24 months, which is divided into six semesters.

To graduate from theMCPHS Accelerated MPAS PA program, students must have completed all program requirements within 39 months from the date of matriculation into thePhysician Assistant program.

Class size of theMCPHS University PA program

The class size of the MCPHS University Manchester Physician Assistant program is 125.

Graduation rate ofMCPHS PA program

The latest graduation rate of theMCPHS University Manchester Physician Assistant program is 88%.

Below are the recent three-year Graduation rates of theMCPHS PA program.

Class of 2018Class of 2019Class of 2020
Maximum entering class size  (approved by ARC-PA)125125125
Entering class size125126124
Graduation rate91.2%96%88%

PANCE pass rate

PANCE pass rate ofMCPHS University Manchester Physician Assistant program:

  • First-time PANCE pass rate: 91%
  • Five-year first-time PANCE pass rate: 91%.

Is MCPHS University-Manchester physician assistant program accredited?

Yes, theMCPHS University-Manchester physician assistant program is accredited by ARC-PA. The ARC-PA has granted Accreditation-Continued status to the MCPHS University-Manchester PA Program.

MCPHS PA Program Prerequisites and Admissions Requirements

Admission to theMCPHS University-Manchester physician assistant program is highly selective. In this post, we highlight the latest admissions requirements for the MCPHS University-Manchester PA program.

MCPHS Manchester PA program tuition and admissions requirements


$51,090 / academic year


$51,090 / academic year

Seat Deposit


CASPA Participant



Not Required

Supplemental Application

Not Required

Overall GPA


Science GPA


HCE Hours


How much does the Accelerated Master of Physician Assistant Studies program cost?

For the class of 2023, theMCPHS Manchester Accelerated PA program will cost $51,090 per academic year. Which equals $1,275 per credit hour.

GPA forMCPHS University-Manchester PA program

Admission to theMCPHS University-Manchester physician assistant program, applicants must have a minimum overall CASPA verified GPA of 3.0.

GPAsMinimum Scores
Science GPA3.2 (recommended)
Overall GPA3.0

MCPHS PA program acceptance rate

Currently, there are no statistics about theMCPHS PA program acceptance rate. However, we can learn that it’s not hard to get into theMCPHS University-Manchester PA program.

You can learn more about theMCPHS PA program acceptance rate on theMCPHS PA program forum.

MCPHS PA Program Prerequisites and Requirements

Application Deadline

Note thatMCPHS University-Manchester Physician Assistant Program has a deadline, January 15.

AdmissionRequirements Checklist

Requirements Checklist
CASPA ApplicationRequired
Baccalaureate degreeRequired
Three letters of recommendationRequired
GRENot Required
250-500 hours of patient care experienceRecommended
PA shadowing experience Recommended
Prerequisite CourseworkRequired

Healthcare experience hours

MCPHS University-Manchester PA program recommends applicants earn250-500 hours of patient care experience and some hours ofPA shadowing experience.

Admission toMCPHS University Manchester PA program does not require GRE. If you want to learn more about PA schools that don’t require GRE, below is the resource for you.

Prerequisite Coursework

Prerequisite CourseworkCredits
Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II with lab 8
General Chemistry I with lab4
Microbiology with lab4
Organic Chemistry I with lab 4

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