What does DMRM mean in medical abbreviation?

What is the medical definition of DMRM abbreviation?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation DMRM. However, what does the DMRM medical term mean?

What is the DMRM medical abbreviation?

In medical field, the DMRM medical term stands for Diploma in Medical Records Management.

DMRM: Diploma in Medical Records Management

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ABGArterial Blood Gas
ACAAffordable Care Act
AHCDAdvance Health Care Directives
ALMCArusha Lutheran Medical Centre
AMPPEAcute Multifocal Placoid Pigment Epitheliopathy
APMENAsia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network
ASLAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
AVMArterial Venous Malformation
BEBacterial Endocarditis; also Barium Enema
BTSMBrain Tumor Social Media
BVADbiventricular assist device
BVGBordetella virulence genes
C-collarcervical collar
CALMSCanberra Afterhours Locum Medical Service
CHRICottage Health Research Institute
CHRPCommunity Health Research Project
COODChronic Obstructive Outflow Disease
CPOChest Pain Observation
DAIDSDevelopment of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
DPFDental Practitioner Formulary
EECCEpidemiology of Endometrial Cancer Consortium
EGHCEast Georgia Healthcare Center
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Authority
FHGFamily Health Group
FHRfetal heart rate
FIGVL17F, F119I, L167G, L266V protein variant
GAUGynaecology Assessment Unit
GHRHgrowth hormone-releasing hormone
GTSGreen Tobacco Sickness
HANGHyperplasia, Abscess, Neoplasia, Granuloma
HCHHealth Care for the Homeless
HCOMHeritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
HFpEFHeart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
HHSU.S. Department of Health and Human Services
HHSCHealth Home Serving Children
HOPHome Oxygen Program
HTTHome treatment teams
IGFinsulin-like growth factor
JSMCJefferson State Medical College
KHDAKentucky Health Departments Association
KMEHRKind Messages for Electronic Healthcare Record
KOHINKeep Our Hospital in Norwich
LEVLateral Epiphyseal Vessel
MADmultiple autoimmune disorder
MBHIMillon Behavioral Health Inventory
MCCSMedical Center Charter School
MCSMental Component Score
MDmuscular dystrophy; medical doctor; Meniere’s disease
MFSLMinnesota Forensic Science Laboratory
MHAMMental Health Association of Maryland
NAPNo Appointments Please
NDENondestructive examination
NDFSRHNurse Diploma Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
NMANon medical Attendant
NRBCNucleated Red Blood Cells
NSSHBNational Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior
NTMnon-tuberculosis mycobacteria
OEOtitis Externa
OOTout of town
OVHDOak Valley Hospital District
POBy Mouth
PPRMPlasma Polymerization Replica Method (internal medicine)
PTTPartial Thromboplastin Time
ROMRange Of Motion
RONRemain Over Night
RREround, reactive, equal
SCATsheep cell agglutination test
SITSensory Integration Therapy
SWEIShear wave elasticity imaging
TARGToronto Area Research Group
TIFHTrinity Interdisciplinary Forum for Healthcare
TUSDMTufts University School of Dental Medicine
VALEVisual acuity, left eye
VLvastis lateralis; viral load
VZIGvaricella zoster immune globulin
WBIWhole bowel irrigation
WFMCWillamette Family Medical Center
WHHWorkplace Health Hazard
WLEIWindsor Laser Eye Institute, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
WMIGWilderness Medicine Interest Group
WNCWebsite Nature Center
WOCAWisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance
ZOTUZero-radius OTU (Operational Taxonomic Unit)
mxwmaximum weight

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