Is It So Easy To Get Into Chapman University PA Program?

Chapman University PA Program is an excellent 24 month PA program in CA. First-time PANCE pass rate is 100%. The required minimum overall cumulative GPA is 3.2 and minimum science GPA is 3.2. The total tuition for the Chapman PA program is about $120,270.

Although, Chapman University is one of the newer PA schools in CA. There’s an increasing number of applicants who want to apply for the Chapman University Physician Assistant Program. Why?

As we all know, the average salary of Physician Assistants in California is almost the highest in the United States. Earning a degree at the PA schools in CA is beneficial when finding PA jobs in CA. So, if you want to find PA schools in CA, Chapman University might be one of the great options for you.

Chapman University PA Program

Chapman University Physician Assistant Program

The mission of the Chapman University Physician Assistant Program is to provide future Physician Assistants with an exceptional medical education that inspires compassionate and collaborative health care providers who improve access to high-quality patient care.

Quick Review

Application Deadline

August 1



International Students





24 months

Class Capacity


First-time PANCE pass rate


Five-year first-time PANCE pass rate


PA Program Graduation Rate

  • Class Start Month: January
  • PA Program Location: Orange, CA
  • Address: Chapman University One University Avenue, Orange, CA 92866
  • Phone: (714) 997-6815
  • Email:
  • PA Program Website: link
  • College or School: Chapman University Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences

How long is the Chapman PA program?

Chapman University Physician Assistant Program is a full-time Master’s degree with a class length of 24 months, which is divided into 12 months of didactic and 12 months of clinical education. 

The Chapman PA Program is a rigorous two-year educational experience, the graduates will earn a Master in Medical Science. When students completed all courses with a C+ or higher and a cumulative GPA of 3.0, they will graduate from the PA program. 

Graduation rates of the PA program

Below are the recent few years’ graduation rates of the Chapman University Physician Assistant Program.

Class of 2018Class of 2019Class of 2020
Maximum entering class size  (approved by ARC-PA)253550
Entering class size253651
Graduation rate96%97%96%

PANCE pass rate

PANCE pass rate of Chapman University Physician Assistant Program:

  • First-time PANCE pass rate: 100%
  • Five-year first-time PANCE pass rate: 98%.

Accreditation Status

The Chapman University Physician Assistant Program is accredited by ARC-PA. Currently, ARC-PA has granted Accreditation-Continued status to the PA Program.

Chapman University PA Program Prerequisites and Admissions Requirements

Admission to the Chapman University Physician Assistant Studies Program is competitive. Here are the newest admission requirements for the PA program.

Chapman University tuition and admissions requirements





Seat Deposit


CASPA Participant



Not Required

Supplemental Application

Not Required

Overall GPA


Science GPA


HCE Hours


Chapman University PA program tuition

The tuition for Chapman University Physician Assistant program is the same for the resident and non-resident.

For the summer semester of 2021, Chapman University PA program tuition is $20,045. The total tuition for the PA program is about $120,270.

Usually, the tuition for the PA schools in CA is higher than the tuition of PA schools in other States. However, the salary of the Physician Assistants in CA is higher too.

You can compare it with the tuition of the below PA programs:

GPA for Chapman Physician Assistant Program

Chapman University Physician Assistant Program requires applicants must have a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.2 and a minimum science GPA of 3.2.

GPAsMinimum Scores
Science GPA3.2
Overall GPA3.2

Chapman PA Program Prerequisites and Requirements

CASPA Application and Deadline

To apply for the PA program, all applicants must submit applications to the CASPA and be verified by August 1. Applications verified after the deadline will not be considered. As we always emphasize, it’s wise to submit your applications and supporting materials as early as possible. 

The CASPA application period for Spring 2022 is from April 29, 2021 – August 1, 2021.

A supplemental application is not required.

Application Requirements

Application Requirements
CASPA ApplicationRequired
Official transcripts
Three letters of recommendation (one must be from a practicing PA, MD, or DO)Required
GRE scores (Chapman University’s CASPA code is 3681)Required
TOEFL scores (For who earned the Bachelor Degree at an institution where English is not the primary language of instruction)Required
A minimum of 1,000 hours of patient contact experienceRequired
PA shadowingRecommended
Personal statement of intentRequired
Prerequisite CourseworkRequired

GRE scores

GRE scores are required for applying for the Chapman PA Program. And the acceptable GRE scores must be achieved within the last 5 years from the admission application deadline. 

Chapman University’s CASPA code is 3681. 

Nowadays, increasing PA schools don’t require GRE scores. Below are the newest PA schools that don’t require.

Prerequisite Coursework

CoursesSemester Hours
Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (with labs)8
Microbiology (with lab)4
General Biology I & II (with labs)8
General Chemistry I & II (with labs)8
Medical Terminology 1
Intro to Statistics2.67
Intro to Sociology or Cultural Anthropology2.67
General Psychology2.67
Pre-Calculus or Calculus2.67
English Composition2.67

Chapman University

Chapman University, founded in 1861, is a mid-sized, comprehensive, private, not-for-profit university and one of the most prestigious private universities in California.

The Chapman University is located in Orange County, one of California’s most thriving centers for the arts, business, science, and technology, and attracts outstanding students from across the United States and around the world.

Chapman University is known for its film program. The Dodge School of Cinematic Arts ranks among the top schools in the nation and the world for global film talent and is ranked No. 4 in The Hollywood Reporter’s 2021 rankings of American film schools.

Chapman’s faculty consists of 204 full-time and 195 part-time faculty members. Most faculty members have earned doctorates and are committed to teaching, research and publishing. The student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1, and the school enrolls approximately 6,400 undergraduate and graduate students.

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