How Long is Albany Medical College PA Program? Prerequisites | Tuition

Is Albany Medical College good? Let’s learn more about Albany Medical College PA program prerequisites, how long is the AMC PA Program lasting, and how much is the Albany Medical College tuition.

Albany Medical College PA Program

Albany Medical College PA Program

Quick Review

Application Deadline

October 1st


Continuing Accreditation

International Students





28 months

Class Capacity


Address47 New Scotland Ave. MC 4 Albany, New York 12208
Admissions Office Phone518-262-5251

How long is the Albany Medical College PA Program?

The length of the AMC PA Program is 28 months.

The class size of the AMC PA Program

Usually, the class size of the Albany Medical College Physician Assistant program is 42.

PANCE pass rate

Learn from the PANCE exam performance report of Albany Medical College Physician Assistant program, the five-year first-time PANCE pass rate: 97%.

Accreditation Status

The ARC-PA has granted Accreditation-Continued status to the Albany Medical College Physician Assistant program.

Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics

Acceptance rate and admissions statistics







Average Overall GPA


Average Science GPA


Acceptance Rate


The PA program at Albany Medical College tuition

The total tuition of the Albany Medical College Physician Assistant program is estimated to be $64,659. It’s obviously cheaper than some medical schools’ PA programs.

Compare the tuition of the PA program with:

Average GPA for the AMC PA program

What is the required minimum GPA to apply for the Albany Medical College Physician Assistant program?

There is no specific minimum GPA.

For the recently accepted applicants, the average overall GPA is 3.64. The average Science GPA is 3.56.

AMC PA Program Prerequisites and Requirements

All applicants who want to apply for the AMC PA Program must submit their application to the CASPA.

Note that the AMC Physician Assistant Program has a Green deadline, October 1.

Apply via CASPARequired
Three Letters of recommendationRequired
GPA (Prerequisites with a grade of C or higher, but no specific minimum GPA)Required
Healthcare Experience Hours
Minimum of 1000 hours

Healthcare experience hours

It’s required that all applicants must with a minimum of 1000 hours of direct healthcare experience.


Albany Medical College

Albany Medical College, founded in 1839, is a private medical school. It is one of the oldest medical schools in the country and is affiliated with Albany Medical Center.

albany medical college physician assistant program

Albany Medical College is dedicated to educating medical students, all physicians, medical scientists, and other health care professionals to meet the future health care needs of the region and the nation, to promote biomedical research, to advance science and technology, and to improve the health of the public. A wide range of outpatient services is offered to the people of Eastern New York and Western New England, including disease prevention programs, comprehensive care, and highly complex care with academic medical centers.

Albany Medical College has numerous research undergraduate and graduate programs, including biology, health systems management, basic sciences, clinical sciences, bioethics, cardiovascular disease, immunology and microbial disease, neurology and neuroscience, and physician assistant.

The Albany Medical College is home to the Albany Medical Center Award, the largest award in the field of medicine and biomedical research.

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